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What Types of Blogs are Important for a Social Media Marketing Agency?


Blogging still holds a hallmark position when it comes to content marketing. Due to its engaging and illustrative structure, blogging remains a favorite medium of interaction for a significant chunk of consumers. This might sound absurd, given that we are living in a time period where the attention span of viewers is found to be minimal. Yet blogging is found to be an important method of procuring an audience for any Social Media Marketing Agency.

A recent survey has shown that companies with blogs have 55% more visitors on their websites. Also in terms of benefits in the overall sale, the survey found out that the companies using blogs have 67% more monthly leads and 97% more inbound leads. Such stats clearly affirm the relevancy and credibility of blogs among the general masses.

Starting a blog might seem a tedious job at first. It requires considerable pre preparations and consistent work for desired output. It might even be time-consuming and particularly inconvenient for small businesses. Yet among the biggest benefits of blogging is that your website gets listed on Google search and thus receives more traffic than usual, which makes it a worthy deal. Hence blogging is highly recommended by any digital marketing and social media marketing agency.

There are several tricks and tips which you can incorporate in your blogs that can capacitate your website and overall business. For instance, as a blogger make sure to write content that appeal to your audience. To be sure of that, you must check out your Google analytics and customer feedback from your website, to understand visitors’ interests and to write content that resonates with them. Also, you must not forget to be interactive with your readers. The more personalized your blogs are the more engagement you are going to get.

Another important method that if employed can easily get visitors onto your site is diversification of content. This can be done by uploading different kinds of blogs, thus catering to audiences of various backgrounds and interests. The above methods have been exercised by top social media marketing agencies around the globe and have shown tangible results.

Following are the 10 most important types of blogs that are noteworthy for any social media market agency looking to boost its viewership.

Fashion Blogs

Among the most popular types of blogs that are known to receive worldwide attention are fashion blogs. Here you can cover all the latest trends prevailing in the world of fashion. Writing about beauty tips, clothing, celebrity, and street fashion often finds wide visibility. Fashion blogs are also known for their potential for easy money.

Food Blogs

Food blogs are another very popular type of blogging. Such sites receive an appreciable amount of attention due to their utility among food-loving masses. Describing the taste of a popular dish or writing about your experience at a new restaurant does find a substantial audience and easily generates traffic.

Travel Blogs

If you are thinking of writing travel blogs, just go ahead and do it. Because this type of blog will undoubtedly get you some eyeballs instantly. Squeezed and simple write-ups along with good pictures act as magnets that boost visibility. Travel blogs’ significance and utility have increased manifold as social media’s popularity has increased. People are likely to read and know more about the places before they visit them. This makes travel blogging a huge opportunity to earn money as well.

Music Blogs

Who doesn’t like what is up in pop culture? The popularity of music blogs needs no explanation. Music blogs generally involve writing about different kinds of music like jazz, rock, pop, and their different varieties. Music fans find such blogs an interesting destination to know about the updates on their favorite stars and gossip around the culture.

Lifestyle Blogs

Lifestyle Blogs constitute probably the most important category in blogs, due to the variety and gravity of their content. The blog draws an audience that is interested in reading about the latest social, cultural, and political perspectives. Lifestyle blogs provide ample opportunity for content creators to make their blogs diverse thus maintaining a sound base of readership.

Fitness Blogs

Blogs related to fitness are finding a growing connection among the general audience. Fitness blogs like lifestyle blogs also provide a range of options for content creators to choose from. Whether it is discussing the right exercises, easy tips to lose weight, supplements, and so on, content like these never run out of options. Nowadays as well people heavily rely on clearing their doubts regarding fitness by checking out fitness blogs.

DIY Blogs

DIY blogs form amazing places of interaction between audience and content creators. It’s a space where bloggers have a free ride to write about the interesting type of artworks and experiments that can be utilized. DIY blogs are also significant as it encourages readers to share stuff with the bloggers thus increasing interaction.

Sports Blogs

Avid sports fans find sports blogs a pleasant destination to read about sports reviews. Sports blogs cover important events in the world of sports and highlight interesting perspectives and news around them. Sports blogs may also include paid content written to showcase a team or a player in a positive or negative light. Sports bloggers are often very active on their social media handles where they share their content.

Finance Blogs

Finance blogs are much esteemed for people across different strata of the society that are interested to be lucrative in their career. Finance blogs are often found discussing the latest tricks and tips for investments that can be profitable. They provide directions to small/ big businesses on their investments. Finance blogs are also helpful for families and individuals looking for the best option available to them to invest in their future.

Political Blogs

Blogs sharing political thoughts are growing in importance and popularity, thanks to the rise of polarisation in society. Such blogs vary vastly in content. From as unimportant as discussing the dinner cuisine of the leader to as big as the analysis of a policy decision, political blogs never run out of content. These blogs are often written by passionate followers from across the political spectrum and are very often explicitly inclined towards a party. Thus becoming a common tool of propaganda.

Blogging in modern times, still are worth the investments for any modern business, given that the content is rich and one is consistent in his/her mode of engagement. It provides you a sound audience base, gives you infinite opportunities for interaction while giving your company a much-needed direction in content creation, which is a significant achievement for any social media marketing agency.

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