Top 5 Grammar Checker tools 2021

Top 5 Grammar Checker Tools 2021

Is your grammar perfect? If you are reading this article, that means you face a little bit of problem while writing content, blog, emails, or articles. While writing, you may make many changes, like spellings, phrases, the grammar of any sentences; because poor grammar in your content or blog damages your reputation, you may lose your customers or your daily reader.


Poor grammar can also increase the website’s bounce rate because if the visitors are not getting interested in your blog, they will definitely go for another one, which will affect your ranking on search engine result pages. Your content is king, and in this era of the internet, the websites and content are like the first impression of your business or website. 


A perfect grammar tool helps you with writeups, a perfect blog, articles, social media posts, emails, and much other content. You can make your content perfect so that your content can attract more readers and viewers. Some fundamental issues in your content like spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, inappropriate words, and wrong punctuations can kill your reader’s and viewers’ trust, and they will never revisit your website. That’s is the reason many bloggers and digital marketing service providers using grammar checker tools.


Nowadays, many businesses start using grammar checker tools to improve their content quality and improve the ranking of websites and web pages on the search engine. If you are also looking for the best grammar checker tools in 2020-2021, which helps boost your content, here is the list of the top 5 grammar checker tools that help you make your documents as much as attractive and improve the content quality.


1- Grammarly

One of the best checker tool of 2020, AI-powered with the best reviews. Grammarly is in both free and paid versions. The free version corrects the spelling mistakes and small grammatical errors. 



The premium version of Grammarly is focused on deep analysis, writing style, vocabulary suggestions, and the readability score of your content. The monthly charge of Grammarly is 29.95$ USD/month, and a Quarterly subscription is $19.98/month, which total cost around USD 60, and an annual subscription $11.66/month, which total cost around USD 140.



  • Grammarly not only helps you to check grammar but also detects plagiarism of your content.
  • Provide your vocabulary suggestions and also compatible with MS Word.
  • This tool AI system scans your writing errors and makes it very easy to use the spelling.
  • Very easy to use.
  • If you had a low budget, so it offers you a free version to checker grammar.


2- Ginger

Another tool on our list is ginger. Ginger is also one of the best online grammar checker tools. It also offers you advanced edits and available in both premium and free versions. As per the rating data, 88% of users satisfied with the Ginger tool. 



The monthly subscription of Ginger tool is $29.96 per month, the Quarterly subscription is $19.98 per month, and the annual subscription is $12.48 per month. Ginger helps to replace inappropriate words, auto-correct, and remove complex grammar errors, which helps you save time and make corrections in your content. It offers you additional features like a text reader, dictionary translator, and sentence rephraser.



  • To improve the style of your content, you can use the sentence rephrase tool.
  • Dictionary translator over 60 languages.
  • It helps you to reveal character counts and word counts.
  • Apart from desktop, ginger also available for both Android and iOS.
  • Misused words correction.


3- Hemingway Editor

This tool helps you to write clear and bold. Hemingway’s online version is completely free, but if you want Hemingway Editor offline desktop version, this will cost you around 19.99 USD, which is a one-time payment. 



The only drawback of Hemingway Editor is this will only help you to write a true sentence. It highlights the complex sentences from the content and alerts you to change the sentence structure and fix some major errors; only you have to copy and paste your content, and in few seconds, this tool highlights all the changes you have to make to your content.



  • Highlight the major error and correct sentence structure.
  • Hemingway Editor is a One-time payment tool if you go with the desktop version.
  • You can also download Hemingway Editor for Mac and Windows systems.
  • Very good for self-editing and easy to use.


4- White Smoke

Another one of the best English writing tools is White Smoke, which is compatible with Windows and Mac. Also, White Smoke is a tool that supports all browsers like Chrome and Firefox. The essential version of the White Smoke monthly subscription plan starts with $9.95/month USD, and the premium one is $14.95/month, and the annual plan starts from $79.95/year for essential and $119.95/annual for premium.




  • The additional feature of White Smoke is, it offers you different types of letter templates and documents.
  • Check the writing style, spelling errors, and grammar of the content.
  • The translation feature is also available.
  • Not only the grammar but also you can check plagiarism of your content.


5- ProWritingAid


ProWritingAid is the best option for professional writers and bloggers to check the structure of grammar. ProWritingAid helps correct your grammar mistakes, redundancies, and other writing mistakes and make your content easy to write. ProWritingAid also highlights the repetitive words, passive voice in sentences, lengthy and complicated sentences. The paid version cost of ProWritingAid is $79.00/year and has a free version.




  • It offers you more than 1000 styles of writing content.
  • Also, check the plagiarism.
  • ProWritingAid is also available as an extension.
  • Google Docs, Open Office, & MS Word are also integrated.


These are the top 5 Grammar checker tool, which helps make your content eye-catching, attractive, and easy to read. Good content is very beneficial for your website, and by using these tools, you can improve the quality and ranking of your website. 


Most of the top writers and bloggers are also used these tools to proofread their works because a single mistake or grammatical error on your content can create a negative impression. You can use any of the tools from the above which is suitable for your work and budget.

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