Is Really Email Marketing Effective for Business

Is Really Email Marketing Effective for Business

What is Email Marketing?

Why my business needs Email Marketing and How email marketing is beneficial for my business? Before that let’s discuss what Email Marketing is? Email Marketing is one of the best digital marketing segment in which a business sends emails to its customers and prospects.

Email marketing helps to promote your business products, brand, and services; also, you can make aware your customer about your new product and services—many businesses are developing their relationship with their clients and customers. Companies are updating their clients regarding their works with the help of a newsletter. Sending an email to your customers build your product image on the market and make your customer more loyal towards your product. Many of the customers sign up to your customer list to better communicate with you, and you can build a community for your product and services.

Process of Email Marketing

Process of Email Marketing
  • In the first step, you have to plan your marketing strategy, decide your business goal, to which you are going to sending emails. Are they new customers, previous customers, or are they clients? In Email marketing, your goal is clear; only you have to follow the path.
  • In the second step, you have to collect data and set up data to whom you are going to target; for this, you have to start collecting the targeted audience’s email addresses and must keep in mind your audience will allow you to send emails to them. After this, you have to set up your data based on (name, age, gender).
  • After collecting the data and set up the database, you have to set-up your emails. Write the audience’s content or message, use attractive images, infographics, and must use the header and footer on the emails. After this, select your audience to whom you want to send emails, and at the end, you have to collect results, that how many of those opened your email, rewards, rate of undeliverable, and how much sales you get if you set up for sales.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is used worldwide by a million businesses; data say 99% of the customers check their mail every day, and a good marketer never ignores this data, so it’s perfect for giving updates to your customer regarding your brand through email marketing.

Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing is used by medium, large, and small-sized businesses; the businesses are now only focusing on promotion and discounts; they also believe in making a good relationship with the customer. If we go with the conversion rate, then email marketing provides the maximum conversion rate compared to other online marketing strategies. So here are some benefits of email marketing for your business.

1- Cost-Effective

If we compare email marketing with other traditional marketing channels like newspapers and media, then Email marketing is very cost-effective. There is no printing and banner cost. If we send thousands of emails at one time, the cost of those emails will be far less than the price of other traditional marketing channels. You have to pay a massive amount of money for printing, banners, and broadcasting your advertisement on television. Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford these costly traditional marketing techniques, so email marketing is best for those business owners.

2- More conversion

If we compare email marketing with other digital marketing techniques, email marketing provides more conversion to our business products and services. Sending personal emails to your customer helps you create a good impact on your product and services. 

3- Easy to started

There are many platforms in online marketing, which are very easy to start compared to other traditional marketing services. If you are not an expert in email marketing, only you have to hire a professional for this. You can create the right email by using different templates, images, logos, and text fonts for engaging content and videos, which helps you attract your customers. So you can create an attractive email very easily and quickly.

4- Increase traffic on your business website

You can provide limited content on the email or a short description of your product, brand, and services. Still, you can include links on your email content so that your customer or audience can visit your website with a single click. And this process helps you increase traffic on your website and make you more aware of your customers about your product and services.

5- Strong customer relationships

Using email marketing just for promotion and sales is not sufficient for many entrepreneurs and business owners. Businesses are using email marketing to make better relationships with their customer. Companies are resolving the complaints of their customers through emails and also their queries regarding the new products and services. Suppose the customer allows you to send mail to them, become your subscriber and always updated regarding your new product and services, and get satisfied with your customer service. In that case, you can make a good relationship with your customers.

6- Increase brand awareness

If you can direct mail your customers or audience, it helps you increase your brand awareness in the market. Once your customer allows you to mail them directly and to get satisfied with your product and customer services, then obviously you can build your brand image. The more consistent your communication with your customers, the more you can increase brand awareness.

7- Global Reach

Through Email marketing, you can reach a global audience; only by a single click, you can send email to thousands of people at one time. There is no other online marketing platform through which you can send messages to thousands of people at one time. You send messages through social media, but social media platforms are not looking professional like email marketing. The attractive templates, logos, and content will make emails look likes professional.

8- Collecting Feedback

Through email marketing campaigns, you can interact and engage your customer and know about the customer experience. You can make a campaign for customer feedback by sending them a customer satisfaction survey and get feedback regarding your product and services.

So these are the eight benefits of email marketing if you want to invest in email marketing; according to us, email marketing is one of the best segments of digital marketing service with a low-cost and instant result. There are also many other online marketing techniques like SEO services (Search Engine Optimization), PPC which are also beneficial for the businesses.

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